“Fashion is very important. It is life-enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well.”
— Vivienne Westwood

Lusine was such a great resource to have when I was starting my clothing line! She’s so knowledgeable in apparel production and helped me navigate the garment industry in downtown Los Angeles. Coming from New York, I had no idea where to start and Lusine took me under her wing and guided me through every step of my first collection launch. I would highly recommend working with her to anyone wanting to start their own clothing line!”

— Nicole Zabal, Nicole Alex

When Lusine first came in to show us the product that she had created I was very impressed with the fabric, the fit, and beautiful styles. Lusine is one of those rare entrepreneurs who is passionate about her business and truly understands branding and merchandising and works relentlessly to go above and beyond her customers' expectations. She is knowledgeable, affable, and resourceful. I'd highly recommend her to anybody looking for someone with solid fundamental understanding of marketing principles, apparel development, appreciation for her clients and the ability to deliver quality product.

— Doug Smith, Director of Merchandising, Orlando Magic

I love working with Lusine. She understands the attention, the meticulous details it takes to source for a project. Our projects have a lot of special call outs and specifics. It takes a good eye and focus to find the closest match in the research development phase; which makes a tremendous difference on how a project starts and meets profit margins. She also has the same ethos as us, where we aim to partner only with vendors and contractors that have ethical and sustainable practices.

— Alnea Farahbella, Nana Atelier

I’ve worked with Lusine for 6+ years and we’ve developed so many styles together for the various gyms we support. As a distribution company we are always looking for the newest and trendiest styles to show to our clients and Lusine is always proactive in sourcing and presenting fashion bodies that fit out clients’ needs. She’s amazing at what she does, organized, and always on time with samples, patterns, and delivering quality production. On top of it all she’s one of the most pleasant and honest people I’ve worked with.

— Matt Coleman, Colepro Inc.


Lusine was crucial in helping me get my high fashion graphic shirts to market. For me, every detail is important. Lusine knows this and uses her sourcing and production knowledge to ensure the product matches expectations. She provided education about the process including on-site visits and was friendly and helpful every step of the way. I highly recommend her.

— Ivana Belakova, ITA Los Angeles

Lusine is a true subject matter expert in the world of domestic cut-and-sew. She worked closely with our team at Pinpoint when we first began producing custom garments in Los Angeles, managing the whole process on our behalf including fabric sourcing, cost negotiations, supply chain, QC, and delivery. I highly recommend her for all of your apparel needs!

— Scott Graham, Pinpoint Merchandising

Lusine has been nothing short of AMAZING to work with! I am extremely selective and had a distinct vision of what I was looking for in my designs. Lusine took the time to not only get to know what I wanted, but has gotten to know me and how I work. This has truly made me feel at ease and I trust her judgment and expertise when it comes to those tough decisions. Lusine is detail oriented, knowledgeable within the industry (from every aspect) and has been on top of my requests from the beginning. Whether you are just getting started or have years of experience, Lusine's dedication and respect from her business partners goes a long way. I will continue to rely on Lusine for all manufacturing needs and love to pick her brain on industry trends when need it. I would recommend Lusine's services to anyone and everyone! 

— Tiffany Tushar, Wag On Project